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She would be half a planet away, floating in a turquoise sea, dancing by moonlight to flamenco guitar. -Janet Fitch 

Floating in a sea of sleeping beauty turquoise and diving into it's depts to gaze at the spiny oyster corral can be done by simply looking into a mirror when you shop at TwoRed.

We pridefully gather semi precious stones from New Mexico.  

The Original New Mexico Red


Making women happy is a family tradition. 

This mother daughter duo of fiery red headed women will get you in their booth and you'll leave with life long friends.

Janiece Morgan taught us everything we know. Something Different was a corner stone for Artesia shoppers. She welcomed you into her store as if welcoming you home. 

Starting TwoRed with my daughter Tabatha was only natural. You'll find the Original New Mexico Red wherever the wind might pick us up and carry us. 

Accessories & Clothing


Double D Ranchwear

Wow, we just name dropped. We are proud to carry the best in the business. 

You'll love adorning yourself in these USA designed companies.  

Bags, Clutches & Wallets

Ponchos, Sweaters, Jackets & T-shirts



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Past Events


  • Ruffles & Rust November 2017                      @ Clovis NM
  • The Cowboy Symposium October 2017                      @ Ruidoso NM
  • Ruffles & Rust September 2017                      @ Roswell NM

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Traveling Show


What's fun about brick and motar? Not much when you get used to setting up shop in new places. We are known to set up at our own historical red barn, the local winery, museums and even open houses with 

Roja Real Estate.

We make the annual pilgram to The Cowboy Symposium every year and have reccently joined the Ruffles and Rust Expo.

You may have even seen us at the NFR from years 2002-2013 in the Mandalay Bay

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